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36. THE WORLDS OF WALT DISNEY Disneyland and Disney World are the two most famous entertainment parks in the world. Disneyland is in California and Disney World is in Florida, U.S.A. These were built by Walt Disney. Walt Disney started to make cartoon films in 1923 with his brother Roy. First he made 'Alice in Wonderland' and then, in 1928, Mickey Mouse was created. He was very interested in technology so all his work was technically excellent and very enjoyable. He believed in providing good, clean entertainment and fun for all the family. He wanted a world which would give him a lot of fun when he was a boy and so he built it for others to enjoy in Disneyland, which was opened in Anaheim, California in 1955. It has four parts: Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. In 1960 Walt Disney bought a big piece of land near Florida and started to build his second great entertainment park. This was called "Disney World". It was finished in 1971 and cost 400 million dollars. This place is a little different from Disneyland. It has got hotels and shopping centers as well as entertainment places. So people can eat, sleep and enjoy doing things in the same place. A few years ago two other small cities were planned near Disney World. One of them is called Lake Buena Vista. This has been completed and people have started to move in. They are still building the second city so people will not move in until 1995. Walt Disney died of cancer in 1966, but people still remember him when they visit his parks today. 1. What are Disneyland and Disney World? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. Did Walt Disney work alone when he started to make cartoon films? __________________________________________________________________________ 3. When did he make 'Alice in Wonderland'? __________________________________________________________________________ 4. What did Walt Disney try to give people when he made his films? __________________________________________________________________________ 5. Why did he build Disneyland? __________________________________________________________________________ 6. How long did it take to build Disney World? __________________________________________________________________________ 7. What is the difference between Disneyland and Disney World? __________________________________________________________________________ 8. What is 'Lake Buena Vista'? __________________________________________________________________________ 9. Do people live in the second city today? __________________________________________________________________________ 10. What do the following refer to? a) 'He' (line 3): __________________________________ b) This place' (line 11): _________________________ c) 'them' (line 14): _________________________________ d) 'his parks' (line 17): ____________________________ 37. John Bear is starting his university education in London, so he needs accommodation. He has written a letter to an agency and the following is the answer to his letter. Family Friends Agency London Wl Dear Mr. Bear, Thank you for your letter of 17th October. You asked about good families for students to stay with in London. Here are three suggestions: 1)Mr. and Mrs. Cranley, Garden Street, London NW1 A large family with a large house. It can take up to four students .Everybody is part of the family. Good food. Good location (near an underground station), very central and easy to get to anywhere in London. 2) Mrs. Eisley, 3 Newton Avenue, Uxbridge. Mrs. Eisley is an old lady. There are five bedrooms for students. Everyone has his/her own room and each bedroom has a washbasin and shower. Another house on the same street has two more single bedrooms, but students eat with Mrs. Eisley. 3) Professor and Mrs. James Earl-Jones, Wimbledon. A famous family (Mr. Jones is a well-known professor, and his wife sings opera). The house is lovely, with a very large garden. There are two bedrooms for students, with two beds in each. Everyone who has stayed there says that the food is excellent. Each of these places is very clean and friendly. Some students don't like Wimbledon because it's quite far from central London. Others love it. Some like staying with the Cranleys because they have five children and three dogs, but others don't like it because it's too noisy. Everyone likes Mrs. Eisley, so it's very difficult to get in. You must book at least six months in advance. I hope these suggestions are helpful. Yours sincerely, Family Friends Agency 1. When did John write to the agency? ________________________________________________________ 2. Where does he want to slay in London? __________________________________________________________ 3. John loves children. Where can he stay? _________________________________________________________ 4. How many students can eat with Mrs. Eisiey? ________________________________________________________ 5. John wants a shower for himself only. Where should he stay? ____________________________________________________ 6. What does Mrs. Jones do? _______________________________________________________ 7. Why don't some people like the Cranleys' house? ______________________________________________________ 8. Why isn't it easy to find a place at Mrs. Eisley's house? ___________________________________________________________ 9. Why don't some students want to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Jones? ___________________________________________________________ 10. John can stay at the Cranleys'. Then how is he going to get to the university? ________________________________________________________ 11. How many students can stay with Mr. and Mrs. Jones? __________________________________________________ 38. 54 New Street Peterborough Oct. 20th,, 1996 Dear Bob & Carol, I wanted to write to you some time ago, But -we've been very busy this month, with plans for a new home. Our flat's simply too small for us now that the children are older. First we looked for a larger flat in town and found a modern 3-bedroomed flat quite near here. It wasn't far from Peter's office, so he liked it very much. The children were also happy because some of their friends lived next door. But when I saw the flat, I knew I didn't want it. It was on the eighth floor of a large block of flats and you know I'm afraid of high places. It was also on a busy main road. Then last week, we saw an advertisement in the evening paper for a really cheap house in the country. But it was a bit far from town, so Peter didn't like the idea at first. But, we visited the place last weekend, and the children and I liked it immediately. It's over a hundred years old, so we must modernize it completely, But I don't mind that because it has got four large Bedrooms. It's really big. The children loved it because there's a big garden to play in. There's a very good private school nearby and I think, we'll send Chris and Claire there. The children and I were so enthusiastic that Peter finally agreed. We're planning to move there next month. Luckily several friends have offered to help us. I'm sure we'll be very happy there. Hoping to see you in our new home soon. Love, Kathy A. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F). _____1. No one in the family liked the new flat on the 8th floor. _____2. A friend offered to rent his country house to Peter and Kathy. _____3. The children's education won't be a problem if Peter and Kathy buy the country house. B. 1. Why didn't Kathy like the new flat? a) _________________________________________________________________________ b) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Write two advantages (good points) of the country house. a) _________________________________________________________________________ b) _________________________________________________________________________ 39. SINGLE FATHERS' CLUB Self-help groups, i.e. groups of people with common problems, are very popular in many countries. These people have meetings and talk about their problems. They try to find answers for their problems together. For example, there are hundreds of groups of men and women who want to lose weight or give up drinking, who are single mothers or unmarried mothers. Now groups for single fathers are also starting to appear. This is the story of a group for single fathers. It started when a radio announcer, John McCarthy, was reading an announcement for a single mothers' group. After he read the announcement, he said, "I'm a single father. I've got two sons. My wife died two years ago. I look after my children on my own and I have a lot of problems. I'm sure there are a lot of other men who have lost their wives. So we need a group, too". Two single fathers, Henry Mason and Paul Singer, heard his message on the radio and called him and they decided to meet. These three men started the first single fathers' group in the US on May 5th, 1988. After 6 months, there were 30 fathers in the group called "Single Fathers' Club". There are doctors, students, mechanics, a bus-driver, a television producer, a few businessmen and several men who are unemployed. They meet every Tuesday night. They talk about problems, such as how to look after a child with a temperature, where to find milk at 6 a.m., how to help children who don't sleep well at night, or what foods are best for their children. The fathers feel these meetings help them. They say the difficult part for men is just learning to talk to other men about anything really personal. A. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F). ____1. Members of self-help groups try to help the single or unmarried mothers in their area. ____2. John McCarthy worked for a single mothers' group. ____3. All the members of 'Single Fathers' Club' work and at the same time look after their children. ____4. Men cannot easily talk about personal things. B. 1. What did McCarthy, Mason and Singer do on May 5th, 1988? _________________________________________________________________________ 2. At their group meetings, fathers talk about their problems with their children. Write two of these problems. a) _________________________________________________________________________ b) _________________________________________________________________________ 40. PLANE CRASH IN PERU On Christmas Eve, 1971, Juliana Koepke, a seventeen-year-old German girl, and her mother left Lima by plane. They were going to Pucallpa, another town in Peru. They wanted to spend Christmas with Juliana's father, who was the manager of a bank in Pucallpa. Forty-five minutes later there was a terrible storm and the plane hit a mountain and crashed. Juliana fell 3,000 meters, strapped in her seat. She did not die when the seat hit the ground, but she was unconscious all night. The next morning Juliana looked for pieces of the plane, and called for her mother. Nobody answered, and she only found a small plastic bag of sweets. Juliana's left arm was broken, one knee was badly hurt and she had deep cuts on her legs and arms. She had no shoes and she was wearing only a dress, which was badly torn. But she decided to try to get out of the jungle*. She knew that she would die if she stayed there. She started to walk. She did not have anything to eat for two days, so she felt very weak. She heard helicopters, but could not see them above the trees, and of course they could not see her. After four days she came to a river. She walked and swam down the river for another five days. At last she came to a small village house. Nobody was there, but that afternoon, four farmers arrived. They took her to a doctor in the next village. Juliana learned afterwards that there were three other people who were not killed in the accident. But she was the only one who got out of the jungle. It took her ten days. jungle: a forest in a hot country with lots of trees and plants growing together (tropik orman) A. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F). ____1. Both Lima and Pucallpa are in Peru. ____2. Juliana's father was on holiday in Pucallpa. ____3. The plane hit a mountain a few hours after it left Lima. ____4. After the accident, Juliana could not find her mother. ____5. Juliana broke her leg in the accident. ____6. She was wearing a dress but no shoes. ____7. Juliana saw helicopters flying above the trees. ____8. Some farmers found Juliana in the village house. ____9. Juliana and three other people got out of the jungle. B. 1. Why were Juliana and her mother going to Pucallpa? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. Why did Juliana feel very weak? ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. After Juliana came to the river, how long did it take her to arrive at the village house? ___________________________________________________________________________
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